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In real estate, features and amenities enhance the desirability and also contribute to the pleasure as well as the comfort of the occupants. Fiesta Communities Limay Bataan has the best features that not only provide comfort but also give you a reason to be a happy homeowner. You’ll always feel home and enjoy refreshing evenings, nights, weekends and everyday living. The other awesome thing about this property is the fact that amenities and model features are perfect for both individuals and families. 

To start with, all the units of Fiesta Communities Limay Bataan residential property boast of elegance, beauty, and enough space. Sizes range from 40 to 55sqm of floor area for single level row houses. On the other hand, sizes range from 65 to 70sqm of floor area for the single attached and couple types. Indeed, you won’t complain of congestion or lack of enough space for your family. What makes this property even better than it looks is the fact that all units are customizable. You can add the feel and comfort you want at the interiors. Different people love different styles. Once you have a unit here, you can make it look the way you want, so you enjoy it and create the comfort you would like to have at home.

Apart from the space and beauty indoors, there is also a lot you need to know about the outdoors. Well, there is outdoor gym equipment and a basketball court to keep you busy and physically fit. If you love sporting during the weekend, then the environment here will definitely support your love for sports. The other great thing about this property is that it supports sporting for both adults and kids. Your family will thus have a beautiful environment that provides everything they need to enjoy an active life. Living here, indeed, means giving your family the best you can and enjoying the lifestyle you love. 

For maximum security, the entrance to Fiesta Communities Limay Bataan is guarded on a 24/7 basis. Aside from that, there are awesome security features in each unit. For instance, there are smoke detectors and strategically placed firefighting equipment. If this property were to be rated based on its security, it would definitely score 100%. Indeed, there’s no better way to secure your family that to give them a living space in a secure property. 

Buying a nice home is everyone’s dream, but not everyone gets what they love. That’s why you need to be a little bit careful when choosing one. You need to assess it in terms of its features and amenities. As you have noted, Fiesta Communities Limay Bataan is, indeed, a modern residential property with all the amazing features and amenities you need. Finishes & materials, outdoor areas, kitchen and bathroom amenities are all awesome. In a nutshell, you’ve finally found your dream home here, and you need to act now before all units are booked by equally serious home buyers.

  • Guarded Entrance
  • Bayanihan hall
  • Basketball Court
  • Outdoor Gym Equipment
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